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About Gypso Power

Company is having its manufacturing unit at Dantur, Bikaner, which provides the locational advantage to it as India’s finest raw gypsum mines are located therein.

Mudgal Industries is one of the fastest growing company which offers finest quality gypsum products. Gypso Power is the Brand created by Mudgal Industries for its gypsum products which has gained demand in short span of time due to its best quality attributes.

We have our own principals when it comes to growth. In India, we have ample amount of resources, people are laborious and talented. We have learnt that individual growth is limited growth. However, joint efforts are always fruitful .

Gypso Advantages

No water curing

Unlike Traditional Cement Plaster, Gypsum plaster doesn’t need any curing saving water and time during constructionr

Lighter Building construction

Weighs approximately 60% less than ordinary sand plaster, saving about one ton for every 100 m2 of material applied ½ in. (13 mm) thick.

Easy to Use

Gypsum can be directly applied over brick/block work without separate finishing. It is also very easy to apply and level gypsum plaster.

Crack Free

Gypsum reaction produces less heat as compared to cement reaction with water. So there are fewer Shrinkage cracks in gypsum plaster as compared to traditional cement plaster

Temperature Control

Gypsum has low thermal conductivity. This saves electrical cost for heating and cooling rooms in a building.

Superior Finish

Perfectly lined, leveled, smooth walls and perfect right angled corners